Dining - Rainbow Cafe

Rainbow Café is the Club's lively center of family-focused, American and Asian food.

The popular spot is also home to a salad bar bursting with nutritious options, signature desserts and a selection of Club-crafted smoothies.

Each month sees Rainbow Café devote one weekend to the cuisine of a particular country, region, season or festival. These themed all-you-can-eat buffets always draw a crowd.

The Club is your passport to the Caribbean this June, offering a lineup of culinary adventures, tropical mixology, dynamic fitness and dance classes and a black-tie gala embodying the lively spirit of the islands.

  • June 10-21
    Savor sun-kissed specials of island delights at Rainbow Café as the Club dances to the rhythm of Caribbean Month.
  • June 16
    Kick-start your Sunday with a special Caribbean brunch spread that will have you coming back for seconds – or thirds. Who’s counting?